More Than Convenient, Pool Automation Saves Money

Swimming pool automation

Smart cars. Smart homes. Smart TVs. And now, smart pools?

Sure, the option to operate your swimming pool remotely from your phone sounds slick, but is it really necessary?

Only if you like convenience and saving money.

What is Pool Automation?

Smart pools exist for the same reason we have smart thermostats and countless other Wi-Fi connected devices: They make our lives easier.

In the case of a swimming pool, automation gives you the power to control all the functions of your pool and spa -- the pump, heater, lights, water features and more -- from a touchscreen display, typically mounted near the equipment pad.

Connect this hub to Wi-Fi to manage your pool/spa remotely. Fire up the spa from the office so the water reaches your desired temperature by the time you get home, receive alerts when your filter needs to be cleaned, adjust pump speed, program the robotic cleaner and monitor chemical levels all from your phone.

Even more convenient: Most automation systems are compatible with voice assisted devices, so you can tell Alexa to turn off the heater when you’re toweling off in the bathroom.

But How Does Pool Automation Save Money?

Automation lets you monitor energy usage and adjust settings to maximize efficiency.

For example, you can program the variable-speed pump to run when electricity is cheapest during off-peak hours.

You can also utilize different speeds for certain functions. Setting the pump to run at a high speed for a cleaning cycle, then throttle down to minimal flow for circulation will cut your energy bill. Plus, wattage readouts will allow you to fine-tune settings further.

You’ll also save on repairs. Notifications when chlorine is low or when it’s time to clean your filter will help you stay on top of maintenance, preventing breakdowns. Your pool pro can also have access to chemical readings and diagnose equipment remotely to make sure everything is operating as it should.

Bottom line: If you’re interested in automation, but you’re hesitant to commit to a full package of Wi-Fi connected equipment, try dipping your toes with a smart variable-speed pool pump. As you upgrade your heater, lights and cleaner, you can bring them online, as well. Eventually, you’ll be able to command every component of your pool and spa from your iPhone or Android.

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