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From fixing cracked flooring to resurfacing your pool deck, you can count on our team for fast and reliable pool repair in Los Angeles, CA. The specialists at Thomas Pools regularly stop leaks before they cause major damage and show you how to prevent them from happening in the future.

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How Often Should You Do Maintenance to Your Pool?

Having your pool cleaned at least once a week will help keep it clean and uncontaminated. If not regularly maintained, it can lead to accidents, infections, and diseases. Maintaining your pool's cleanliness is just one of a few ways of caring for your swimming pool.

What Can Cause a Pool to Leak?

If you have a concrete pool, it's made to last for decades--but only if you care for it with proper routine maintenance and cleaning. Yet, even with regular care, your pool can still develop a leak. There are three different types of leaks a concrete pool can develop: structural, plumbing, and fitting.

Structural Leaks

A structural leak is when a crack or fissure occurs in the pool shell and it must be repaired immediately.

Structural leaks can be due to:

  • The pool freezing and then thawing
  • Improper construction and/or engineering
  • The ground beneath the pool shell moving or shifting
  • Shifting soil causing the pool shell to settle
  • Groundwater putting pressure on the pool shell

Plumbing Leaks

Much like the plumbing in your home, your pool's plumbing can also experience leaks--especially if it's improperly installed. This is why it's important to hire professionals to install, repair, and maintain it. Pool plumbing leaks are often caused by settling in the ground or corrosion. When you schedule swimming pool repair in Los Angeles, our contractors will inspect your pool's plumbing and ensure that everything is secured to help prevent further leaks.

Pool Fitting Leaks in Los Angeles

In order for your pool to have fittings--jets, lights, and even skimmers--- your pool shell must be penetrated. However, when these fittings are installed, plaster is packed around them. Unfortunately, this leaves the area vulnerable to leaks.

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Underwater Pool Leak Detection & Patching

Some cracks can be fixed without having to drain the whole pool. Pool owners often prefer not to have their pool drained, as the exposed plaster becomes more susceptible to further damage if you don't have the repair done quickly. Furthermore, filling an entire pool requires thousands of gallons of water - which can be costly and wasteful to unnecessarily drain.

Underwater pool leak detection and patching is an excellent option for minor cracks in the plaster. These cracks are usually caused by earth movement, misuse of the pool, or aging construction. The cracks usually appear as hairline fractures across the plaster surface and can worsen over time if left untreated. Contact us for pool leak detection services in Los Angeles.

Pool repairs in Los Angeles that require draining include:

  • Full re-plastering
  • Extensive fiberglass repairs
  • Liner replacement

Many cities have codes dictating how frequently you are allowed to drain the pool. For Los Angeles and Ventura County, specific rules outline where you are allowed to drain your pool water, as they do not want the pool chemicals washing into the storm drains and municipal water supply.

It could be that you have a leak in the plumbing lines of the pool system. This can lead to serious issues above ground and/or below ground. Our team can identify the source of the leak and implement the right pool repair in Los Angeles or the surrounding areas.

Los Angeles Pool Repairs & Leak Detection Services

Now is the time to schedule your pool repair services. Often, a small issue can quickly escalate into a much larger problem without adequate repairs. For example, a small leak can quickly take a turn for the worst by becoming a difficult-to-manage-leak. Thomas Pools looks forward to helping you achieve a safe and dependable pool repair.

Call or contact us online to schedule an inspection or pool repair today! We look forward to helping you safely maintain your outdoor space with top-notch pool repairs.

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