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From cracked flooring to resurfacing your pool deck, our team at Thomas Pools does it all. Our Los Angeles pool repair team makes sure your pool stays in great shape all year long. Regularly, we stop leaks before they cause major damage and show you how to prevent them from happening in the future.

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Underwater Leak Detection & Patching

Some cracks can be fixed without having to drain the whole pool. Pool owners often prefer not to have their pool drained, as the exposed plaster becomes more susceptible to further damage if you don't have the repair done quickly. Furthermore, filling an entire pool requires thousands of gallons of water - which can be costly and wasteful to unnecessarily drain.

Underwater leak detection and patching is an excellent option for minor cracks in the plaster. These cracks are usually caused by earth movement, misuse of the pool, or aging construction. The cracks usually appear as hairline fractures across the plaster surface and can worsen over time if left untreated.

Pool repairs that will require draining the pool include:

  • Full re-plastering
  • Extensive fiberglass repairs
  • Liner replacement

Many cities have codes dictating how frequently you are allowed to drain the pool. For Los Angeles and Ventura County, specific rules outline where you are allowed to drain your pool water, as they do not want the pool chemicals washing into the storm drains and municipal water supply.

It could be that you have a leak in the plumbing lines of the pool system. This can lead to serious issues above ground and/or below ground. Our team can identify the source of the plumbing leak and provide an effective remedy.

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  • “Tom and his crew did a great job from start to finish.”

    - Andy S.
  • “Tom was quick to reply to our questions throughout the project and provided excellent follow-up. We highly recommend Tom and Thomas Pools!”

    - Greg & Janine
  • “I love this pool place!”

    - Dani C.
  • “So nice to have a local shop to get all your pool needs. They have all kinds of stuff in there! ”

    - Danielle O.
  • “We had our pool done back in 2000 and still get compliments on how nice our pool is. ”

    - Bree C.

5 Signs You Need Our Los Angeles Pool Repair Professionals

1. Cracked tile or concrete - There are a myriad of reasons your tiles or concrete could be cracking, but usually it's because of age. Cracks can cause leaks and more cracks so it's best to get them fixed sooner rather than later so they don't grow and cause more problems.

2. Discolored grout - While this discoloration looks grungy, it's completely natural over time. Your pool needs an acid wash which requires it to be drained and refilled.

3. Dirty pool water - This could be a sign that you just need to replace your pool filter. But if your pool water is continuously dirty even after you've replaced your filter, your pipes are probably clogged.

4. Broken light - Since water and electricity do not mix well, you should seek service from one of our Los Angeles pool repair experts. They'll drain your pool, fix your light, and fill it back up in no time at all!

5. A noisy pool pump - Pool pumps make a little bit of noise, but if there are any sounds that you've never heard before it's a sign that you should get it checked. If it's a rumbling sound then it means your pump has become loose and it's vibrating excessively. If it's a screechy sound then you'll need to replace the bearings. Both of these fixes are cheap if done promptly, but if they linger they can cause serious damage to the pump which will be more expensive

Why your swimming pool water is salty

If you don't have a saltwater pool and you're wondering why your swimming pool water is salty, it's most likely because you have a high level of total dissolved solids due to water evaporation. Your pool just needs a partial drain and a refill.

Honest & Professional Pool Maintenance

Our pool contractors offer occasional and seasonal repairs for pool owners wishing to continually keep their pools in excellent condition. This would be done by our sister business, Sunline Pools, Service & Supply. Our customers appreciate our commitment to providing honest, quality work.

Ready to resurface your pool, or just have a question about a faulty heater? Ask the professional Los Angeles pool repair team at Thomas Pools! Call (661) 667-4220.

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